Back to Nature
Go back to nature on foot. Enjoy feeling the only one in the world with this experiences. No trails just follow the sheep paths and camp in a tent under the stars.
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Trek & Hiking Adventures

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Sheppards Trail Trek
Hike over some high altitude passes and feel like you are the only one in India. Camp in meadows, trek sheppard trails and meet some of the Guddards that live up here in the summer. 
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Himalayan Trekking Expeirence
Trail blaze through the Himalayan mountains that are untouched from tourists. Camp in meadows and under the stars. Embrace life in the villages that are spread out through out this mountain range.
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Indian Mountain Goat Trail
This trek offers villages no one goes to but the sheppards that live there with their flock of goats and sheep. Marval in the snow capped mountains as you sip on a chai. Stay with the sheppards in their village in a tent under the stars.
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Kugti Village Trek
This village trek is a spectacular experience in a ancient village deep with in the Himalayas. See the traditions that have been passed down for generations and bask in the beauty of lush green rolling mountains as we trek to an altitude of 5200 meters.
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