Wellness and Spiritual Experiences

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Meditation Retreat
Meditation is a personal inward look at ones soul. Learn how to meditate in nature using the 5 elements and a new way of looking at being still. Breath in the fresh air as your mind and body come together.
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Hike Bike & Yoga Experience
Best way to feel the body stretching is to give it movement to work the muscles. Experience a gentle bike ride throught the windy mountain roads, take a hike to local villages and in the evenings as the sunsets enjoy the deep stretch of yoga.
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Yoga Journey
Yoga is a great way to limber and center the body, and there is no better way to pratice this ancient excerise then in nature. Sit in the Lotus postion as the sunsets over the mountain tops. Or journey to the top of the mountain and embrace nature in a meadow all to yourself.
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Wilderness Retreat
Nature is a beautiful thing and getting into the wilderness brings this beauty closer. Go back to basics with participation camping. Pitch a tent, start a camp fire, take an interactive wilderness walk to learn about the flora and fana of the area.
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Cooking Retreat
Cooking is a soul finding journey that calms and focus your mind to produce a cullenary dish to feed the body. Learn how to make traditional dishes that are only found in Himachal Pradash.
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Spiritual Retreat
India has old religion and some of the most devoute people in the world. Himachal Pradash has some of the richest ancient temples in the world and this retreat takes a journey through these marvilous temples.
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